Tutorial #42 - How to Make a Pompom Hamster

Hi,  As I said before, I will start making tutorials on making pompom animals from now on. I've just done this tutorial and it is the first tutorial for tier 5 [Pet Package] in January.


Visit my Patreon for more information: www.patreon.com/henryleart

For those who chose Tier 5 or Tier 6, the reward will be sent to you during the first week of the next month through Patreon message. You will get a package that has:

- Diagrams [Full version]: show exactly how I arrange different colors of yarn divided into layers, how many rounds of yarn you need to wrap on the pompom maker, and which color shades need to use.

- Materials & tools: a list of things you need for each project.

- Product measurements: 3-4 photos taken with different angles and measurements.

- Extra components: proper sizes and shapes of the components used to attach to the pompom.

- Step-by-step photos: show how I trim the pompom to turn it into an animal head.

- Tutorial video [FULL VERSION]: with my instructions including helpful tips to make a pompom animal. - Bonus: 2 extra diagrams and information to make two more different color hamsters.

--------------------------------- If you can't wait until the next month to get the reward, there is another option for you.

Please visit my Etsy shop: www.pompomwonderland.etsy.com , and purchase the tutorial.

You can download the package immediately after payment has done.  I hope you like this tutorial ^x^

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