Tutorial #43 - How to Make a Pompom Strawberry

Hi, In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to make a pompom strawberry. Since this tutorial is for FREE, it includes my detailed instructions for each step. I hope this tutorial will be useful to you.

Here is the information you might need to understand:

In addition, I'd love to see your pompom creations, please use hashtag #pompomwonderland to show me your adorable pompoms. And don't forget to click "like", share and subscribe to my channel to get new pompom tutorials.

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EXCLUSIVE: For the patrons who choose my KING PACKAGE, there will be a bonus for you. The package will include my bonus diagrams, measurements, and a full-length video with my instructions to know how to make 3 pompom fruits - Kiwi, Orange & Lime.

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Thanks a lot.

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